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BenefitsPal™ is an indispensable, no-contract service that is available to use with or without insurance. It offers easy access to doctors and nurses, discounts on a range of vision and dental services, prescription drug savings, legal advice and much more.​​

In just three steps, you can enjoy the savings and peace of mind BenefitsPal provides:

Experience life to its fullest knowing BenefitsPal is by your side.

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In just three steps, you can enjoy the savings and peace of mind BenefitsPal provides:

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Sign Up

Step 2

Receive packet in the mail

Step 3

Enjoy you benefits!


At no cost per visit, 24/7 access by phone or video to physicians who can diagnose and prescribe, when medically necessary



Get assistance researching providers, locating treatments and scheduling appointments


Get legal answers from experienced lawyers at discounted rates. Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal and child support.

Travel Fundraising Program

Each time travel is arranged through an online travel website, travel supplies pay cash rewards for your reservation. When travel is booked through the Vortex website…you are going to save money 85-90% of the time and a donation is paid to our organization. Imagine! You BOOK…SAVE…and Our Organization Earns! This is an exciting program that we make available to benefit everyone! Member, friends, family, and even strangers! Let’s work together to maximize the funding from this program.

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