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Could your hiring process be more effective?


To help avoid the expense of hiring an unqualified employee or defending a discrimination claim, employers should have a controlled hiring process. The hiring process consists of a needs assessment, recruiting, screening, selecting and finally, hiring.


Does your organization have a detailed onboarding program?


According to a study by the Wynhurst Group, employees who go through structured onboarding are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years. Creating an effective onboarding program provides employers with a solid starting point during which they can communicate their values to their employees and explain why they do what they do.


Are you compliant with Federal, State and local laws regarding hiring?


Employment practices, including the hiring and interview process, are subject to numerous laws, many of which protect against various types of discrimination. Let us help you remain compliant and avoid the serious consequences of noncompliance.

We offer

  • Customized employee handbook

  • On-site termination support

  • Paperless on-boarding

  • New hire welcome kits

  • Customized termination packet

  • Job descriptions

  • 6 month step-by-step on-boarding plan with support

  • HR hotline with unlimited questions

  • Wellness program

  • Intranet

  • Training program

  • Policy and procedure manual

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