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Memorial Candle

Planning The Service

Questions to ask yourself

How long is a memorial service? Usually an hour and 30 min


How many people do we expect to attend?


Where should the service be held?


Do we want there to be food served?


What should the tone of the service be? (Somber, light, celebratory?)


Who should speak, read, or perform during the service?


Should there be any kind of event or structured activity?

Select your music

Select somone to do the eulogy

Select readings and poems

There are three important rules for planning a beautiful memorial service. The service itself, should encompass three things:

first, establishes the significance of your loss, and how much they will be missed.

second you want to establish the significance of the person who died. Their life. What they did. Share their stories.

third, establish their social significance. You want to know other people loved them too. That their life touched people. That they had tremendous value.

Complete Every Project Before Party Day


Finish every single thing, even things that you think “won’t take any time at all” – like tying ribbons on apothecary jars. Iron

your tablecloths the night before and transport them on hangers. Once you’re at your location, all you should be doing is setting

up – not crafting or embellishing.

2. Pre-pack Everything You Have to Transport

Make a checklist and use it to pack everything into plastic totes the night before the party. Try to keep everything organized:

all dessert table items in one tote, all dining table in another, all favors in a third, etc. You’ll need bubble wrap for breakable

items. This way, in the morning, you just have to pack your vehicle and schlep everything to your location. When we use the

neighborhood clubhouse, it usually takes us a few trips in two vehicles and about an hour to load, unload and make the repeat

trips – so make sure to allow enough time.

Memorial Service Music


Music played or performed should be a tribute to the deceased. Music provides quiet background. Or consider a playlist of favorite songs of the deceased, playing while guests find their seats, and at the conclusion of the service as people leave.


Often in a memorial service one or two songs are played during the service. Some people select hymns, if they want a spiritual element. If possible, let the audience know that the song selected was important to the deceased and explain why.


A song should be played in the background of the funeral video tribute of your beloved’s life.


Perhaps live jazz or bluegrass was a favorite in which a local band could be obtained.


Another option is to perform a favorite song by a soloist.


See many more music ideas.

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