Plan Options

How does ICHRA work?

As the name implies, ICHRA is based on reimbursing employees for insurance rather than buying it for them. At a high-level, the way ICHRA works is very simple:

  1. Employers design their plan, including defining which employees are eligible and establishing reimbursement limits

  2. Employees purchase the individual plans they want

  3. Employees submit claims for reimbursement

  4. Employers reimburse employees for valid claims

Traditional Medical​ Group Plan

  • Your business will benefit from a lower rate of absenteeism and healthy employees equals productivity. 

  • 66% of small business owners said that offering health benefits gives them a strategic advantage in hiring according to an ehealth study

  • Helps protect your employees from catastrophic loss and support their well-being  so they can be productive members of the team.

  • Individual health insurance is expensive - you can offer it on a pre-tax basis!

  • A recent MetLife Study states that 60) of employers found health benefits increased productivity.



Plan design to premium tax credits, this is a collection of common questions


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