Employee Benefits

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Group health insurance is one of the most highly valued employee benefits! Offering benefits could set you apart from your competitor as an employer of choice. A great benefits package with unique offerings may be a worthwhile investment for your recruiting efforts and retaining your top talent.

Working With A Broker

There is no cost to work with our Agency. All benefits brokers that work with small business owners have access to the same carriers - it simply boils down to:


  • Creativity.

  • Personality fit.

  • Listening to your needs.

  • Helps you with your HR needs.

  • Being able to leverage technology to make your life easier. 

  • Personal one-on-one meetings with your existing employees' and new hires to help them select a plan and see the value in the benefits you offer.

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There are so many options!

It truly depends on works best for your business, you can offer:


  • HRA: Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) are a benefit that some employers offer their employees to help with healthcare expenses. They’re a way for companies to reimburse workers for these costs, and reimbursements are generally tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses

  • Covered CA small business tax credit: The business must have less than 25 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs).The employees must have an average annual wage of less than $54,000 per year. The maximum tax credit available is 50 percent of premium expenses as a for-profit employer. The maximum credit for tax-exempt employers is 35 percent. This credit applies to two consecutive tax years

  • Full benefits plan: The business must contribute a minimum of $100 or 50% towards the lowest cost plan.

  • Supplemental benefits that are employee paid: accident, disability, cancer and critical illness.

Human Resource Assistance & Compliance Support

As an added benefit to working with our Agency, we offer complimentary access to an HR Consultant and compliance!

Employee Benefit HR system, HR Wow tracks your employee’s benefit enrollment and allows you to speak with a professional regarding: HR Compliance Auditing, Handbook updates, and Employment Law questions.