Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a service?

Call _Casimere Concierge at _____ or e-mail us at _________________.

I would like a service that I do not see on your site, can you assist?

Yes! Casimere Concierge is constantly updating our service list. We will customize our service offerings to meet your needs and will do any service as long as it is legal, ethical and with good intentions.

How can a concierge help me?

We are available to assist you with both your everyday tasks and errands, as well as the out of the ordinary tasks.

Do I have to sign a contract to use your services on a regular basis?

If you require regular professional services, we would prepare a contract for you.

Why Should I Use Casimere Concierge?

We are a client-driven service that strives to establish a lasting rapport with each and every client. Relationship building is our specialty and we will work closely with you, every step of the way, to ensure a satisfying and worthwhile experience. We know how busy you are and we understand how hard you work; that’s exactly why we customize our services to suit your needs.

How Much Notice Do You Need?

We will do our utmost to accommodate emergency requests. Although we prefer as much notice as possible, we can respond to most bookings within 24 hours.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Paypal, certified checks, cash, MasterCard, and Visa.

Will my credit card be charged as a deposit?

No. We will only charge your credit card if we receive your authorization to debit or do not receive payment for services rendered upon completion.

Are materials, expenses and taxes included in your hourly rate?

No, the client is responsible for paying all additional charges on top of the hourly rate.

What is your pricing plan?

The level of value and quality services we offer is quite diverse and extensive. Because we provide unique services for our clients, our rates are based upon the number and variety of services needed, complexity of requirements, and projected length of time.

For most errands we charge $35.00 per hour with a standard 10% discount for senior citizens and their caregivers. You are responsible for all expenses incurred (cost of your groceries, postage, dry cleaning, etc.). There is a one hour minimum, thereafter you will be charged in fifteen minute increments. There are no membership fees, obligations, or “hidden charges.” Our hourly rate is standard, whether you call us three times a week, or once a month. The only exception is service requested to be done out of our jurisdiction may result in a small additional fee.

Who can use an errand service?

Everybody! Senior citizens, busy families, new parents, and small businesses can all benefit from the services we provide. We can help take care of all the little details and give you the peace of mind of simply knowing that everything on your “to-do” list is actually done!

I called your office and there was no answer.  Why?

We are always on the road! If no one answers your call this means that we are out running errands for our clients. If your request is urgent, please send a text.

What areas do you service?

We service the Solano County area including but not limited to: Dixon, Fairfield, Vacaville & Vallejo.

Is Casimere Concierge licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Proof of coverage is available upon request.