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  • Your business will benefit from a lower rate of absenteeism and healthy employees equals productivity. 

  • 66% of small business owners said that offering health benefits gives them a strategic advantage in hiring according to an ehealth study

  • Helps protect your employees from catastrophic loss and support their well-being  so they can be productive members of the team.

  • Individual health insurance is expensive - you can offer it on a pre-tax basis!

  • A recent MetLife Study states that 60) of employers found health benefits increased productivity.


  • Some employees will tell you that a good Dentist is more important than their medical Doctor! Survey your employees to find out.

  • Dental insurance won't break your budget and you can offer it at no cost to the business.

  • Your business will benefit from a lower rate of absenteeism and healthy employees = productivity. 

  • Businesses that offer dental experience a higher rate of job satisfaction!

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Eye Test Glasses


  • Vision can be offered at no cost to the business.

  • Have you ever heard of the old saying, "your eyes are the window to your soul?" A vision exam can detect: high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues and high cholesterol.

  • .Vision covers annual eye exams, eyeglass (including frames and lenses) and contact lenses.


  • Can be offered at no cost to the business! Accident, cancer, disability and more!

  • Helps your employees with expenses health insurance isn't designed to cover to stay afloat when off work: handicap ramp, groceries, rent, car payment etc 

  • 51% of business owners in an AFLAC study say they have seen a decline in their workers compensation claims since adding an accident policy.

  • A great way to offer affordable employees health-related benefits, reduce payroll tax liability, reduce employee turnover and make your business a better place to work!


  • Telemedicine utilizes modern communications technologies to provide patients with remote access to healthcare service. 

  • 49% of consumers with employer coverage said they would use telemedince in place of an in-person visit Pwc Health Research Institute consumer survey

  • Reduces the personal and travel time needed fo