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Global Health

Purchasing travel insurance is a smart way to ensure that you will have access to affordable medical coverage while you are traveling or living in another country. It also helps protect the investment you have made in your vacation, should you not be able to take it or complete it.

Here are three great reasons to consider purchasing travel insurance:

Travel Medical Insurance – Most people believe they are covered for medical emergencies, even when they are traveling or living abroad, because they have health care insurance from their company or a private health insurance policy. If you are traveling outside the U.S., however, some American insurance companies do not

provide coverage other than for an emergency when you need medical attention.  Typically follow up care is not covered when


traveling unless you have a PPO plan. Medicare does not cover medical expenses outside the U.S.


Trip Protection Insurance – can help protect you from everything you spent on your trip, should you not be able to go, due to illness or other covered reasons. Trip protection insurance will pay for your non-refundable trip costs.

Baggage Protection Insurance – covers your luggage and its contents if it is stolen, lost or damaged while you are traveling.

Travel medical insurance provides 24/7 worldwide assistance: Your insurance company can help you locate the nearest adequate hospital or physician, organize transportation for a medical emergency, or replace prescription medication, if needed.


Select the travel medical insurance coverage you need in case of an injury, medical emergency, or emergency dental situation. Whether you are going for a 2-week leisure trip or a 2-year work assignment, we can help you find the right coverage.

We offer:

  • 24/7 Phone, Web, Mobile and Telemedicine Support

  • Prompt and Convenient Access to Trusted Doctors and Hospitals

  • Cashless Appointments

  • Appointment Scheduling Support

  • Paperless Claims Resolution

  • Destination Health Intelligence

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