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More About Lola

Introducing Lola, the beloved furry companion and official mascot of our event planning business!


Lola is more than just a pet; she is an integral part of our team, bringing joy, positivity, and unconditional love to everyone she meets. With her wagging tail and adorable antics, Lola has become a beloved figure in our office and a source of inspiration for our team.When it comes to events, Lola takes her job as the "Chief Happiness Officer" quite seriously. Her role includes providing emotional support, spreading smiles, and ensuring a stress-free environment for all involved. Whether it's greeting guests with a wagging tail, offering a comforting cuddle during a brainstorming session, or simply brightening up the office with her presence, Lola knows how to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere.


Outside of work, Lola enjoys long walks in the park, exploring new trails, and meeting fellow four-legged friends. She has a passion for treats, belly rubs, and her ever-growing collection of squeaky toys. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and serves as a reminder to embrace each moment with joy and enthusiasm. Lola is more than just a dog; she is family, a cherished member of our team and a symbol of the warmth and happiness we strive to bring to every event. We are incredibly grateful to have her by our side as we create memorable moments and unforgettable celebrations.

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