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So You Can Focus On Good-Bye

Crafting Compassionate Gatherings: Honoring Lives with Grace

For many people, the idea of planning a service can be overwhelming and the details can be daunting; this is when hiring a planner makes sense especially during moments of profound grief.  If planning parts of the service makes sense for you, we are more than happy to provide support.

We believe that attending a service should be an experience the moment you walk through the door. Envision your loved one's favorite music playing as guests arrive, your loved one's accomplishments or hobbies on full display and the smell of their favorite food cooking or coffee brewing.  A private video booth for family and friends to share their favorite stories that will be posted on a customized website along with photos and memorial tribute video.


We can plan the entire service, decorate or simply set up a memorial tribute table - it's all up to you. Are you a member of a Church? We will work with your Church or any location where you feel most comfortable. There are no hard rules when honoring your loved one's wishes. 

We believe the service should be unique and customized to reflect the inner beauty of your loved one through sharing life passions and interest with all that love them. 

​We use technology to streamline the planning process. If you hate going back and forth over the phone to approve items or schedule meetings, we are the planners for you!


We will design a custom welcome table to greet guests. Help with finding and booking a location or work with your Church. Book and coordinate the caterer and decorate the reception hall. To help guests that are unable to speak at the service feel included we will set up a video booth for guests to share the impact your loved one had on their life. 

Tribute Table

Design a unique table to reflect a life once lived.

Tribute Table Themes

We will work with you and your family to learn your loved one's passion.


The Music Lover

Music can be quite therapeutic. If this is how your loved one enjoyed spending their time, plan to play their favorite music or book their favorite band.  You could also showcase their instruments or vinyl records. Use the service to showcase their talent and help decorate the space for the celebration of life. 

Woman Baking

The Cook

Did your loved one have a passion for cooking? You could encourage guests to each make one of your loved one’s favorite dishes and bring it to the celebration of life. If you don’t want to ask people to bring food, consider creating little cookbooks of your loved one’s favorite recipes to share with the guests. This uniquely personal keepsake will help maintain a connection with the deceased and let their recipes live on for others to enjoy.

Pouring Wine

The Wine Lover

Decorate the space with some of their favorite bottles of wine and feature references or memorabilia from their favorite wine tours. If you want the service to be extra special, you could have wine tasting or serve their favorite wine and cheese for all your guests to enjoy.

You don't have to do this alone.

Vintage Postcards

Video Tribute

 Showcases the uniqueness of your loved one and provides a meaningful moment during the service, it also allows mourners to reflect on their own memories.

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