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More About Tiffany

In my past life I was a boring stiff corporate event planner for over 15 years at a fortune 50 company. I planned meetings and workshops that required a cold room just to keep everyone from going into a coma, large scale community events and Christmas parties where I spent my evenings making sure drunk colleagues didn't destroy our hard work - thank goodness those days are over!

I started Casimere Events because I had the honor of planning several memorials for family members and friends and it fulfilled my passion to help others in a time of need. Every life deserves to be celebrated in a way that honors your loved one. My goal is to make every celebration unique, personalized, and memorable and at the same time lifting the burden and stress of having to plan an unexpected event.


Death touched my life before I became an adult and I witnessed the unimaginable as a child.  At the age of 14, my parents made the decision to remove my 18-year-old brother from life support after dropping their child off at the dentist office. He was inadvertently left alone in the recovery room while on anesthesia only to aspirate on his own saliva. I cannot imagine the strength it took my parents to plan the service of their child in the midst of profound grief. This is one of many losses from aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that I have endured in my lifetime, and I still have a full life to live.

Let's Work Together

My passions...

Spending time with my family and caring for my pets. I am a giver by nature, helping others in need, I founded a non-profit called Girl, Yes You Can! helping women who are  in crisis find options and heal from trauma.

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